Be Brave

walking this familiar street wouldn’t be the same anymore

When the Sun still shines brightly

drops of rain still keeps falling on my face

I could ask why but I know, only I could answer

Nobody would dare to ask, as long as I live

Everyone will keep living as they we’re

Yes, Life is like this.

You Fall, You stand, and then you fall,

But one thing I’m sure of,

Just Stand up, Look Up, Breath and Be Brave. Let’s Face it then.




Absolutely Not by Anyone


Bad news comes piercing through
this throbbing heartbeat that’s out of my control.
The breathing of the undisturbed city…
Only the curiosity in my heart disturbs the quiet.

Embracing the dream that will absolutely not be manipulated
by anyone, I’ll strike at tomorrow.
Surpassing the flow of time,
I want to live, feeling the wind.

A world that is being filled up
Morals that can’t be harmonized
Each time that I stumble in the signal,
I make certain of my love for You, who’s smiling sadly.

Set me free. It’s still too soon
for me to reach the eternal sleep
With a look in my eyes the color of red heat,
even to the point I’m worn out, I will make my way through!

Description: 2nd op. theme

Title: Zettai ni Daremo (Absolutely Not by Anyone)
Sung by: Zyyg
Lyrcs: Takayama Masateru
Composition: Oda Tetsurou
Arrangement: Zyyg
Romanization/Translation: Takayama Miyuki & Serizawa Kamo



when I was young, a treasure map
was spread in my mind
making sure that someone unknown won’t take
the miraculous place that I’ve been searching for

right now, it’s life filled with dusts
someday, I’ll leave it up to
everything’s time

if the world ever changes
take me to myself that never knew a thing
making sure that memories won’t fade away

I was singing since I was small
warming the heart that dreams
the secret melody that everyone imitated
making sure that it can be done better this time

right now, I keep on sighing
everyone is still unable to
grab the true dream

if the time ever goes back
takle me to myself that learned tears
making sure that loneliness can’t catch up

if the world ever changes
take me to myself that never knew a thing
making sure that memories won’t fade away

making sure that loneliness can’t catch up

Description: ONE PIECE 1st Ending Theme

Lyrics: Akihito Tanaka
Music: Akihito Tanaka
Arrangement: The Babystars
Vocal: The Babystars



I was so happy, you were laughing
With a smile that melts everything away

Spring is still far away, inside the cold earth,
Waiting for the time to sprout

For instance, even if today is painful
And yesterday’s wounds remain

I want to believe that I can free my heart and go on
I cannot be reborn
But I can change as I go on, so
Let’s stay together always

Smile only at me and touch me with those fingers
This simple desire is everlasting

I want things to be simple
Let’s finally get across this sea of mournful sorrow

For instance, even if today is painful
Someday it will become a warm memory

If you leave everything up to your hear
I understand the meaning our living here
It is to know the joy of having been born
Let’s stay together always

For instance, even if today is painful
Someday it will become a warm memory

If you leave everything up to your heart
I understand the meaning our living here
It is to know the joy of having been born
Let’s stay together always

For Fruits Basket – Horie Yui; Yui Horie – Jpop

Description: Fruits Basket OP Cover

Lyrics & composition: Ritsuko Okazaki
Arranged by: Tatsuya Murayama
Choral arrangement: Ritsuko Okazaki

Just Like Apples ;)


Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don’t want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they’re amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who’s brave enough

to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.

Credits to the owner of the Poem

Stronger than Anything


You’re so powerful
You could tear me, break me
heal me, console me
Even how deeply the pain digs me

All the emptiness that made this hole
You never cease to put me at ease
On my side I want you so badly
Still why can’t I hold you dearly

Everything I hold seems to slips away
But your presence lingers all the way
But I ask, If ever will I hold you, not with my hand,
but with my heart, will I ever lost you again?

You’re the reason why this heart beats
As the rivers flows to wide sea deeps
Here deep inside me your chasing endlessly
Get holds of me breathlessly

So many things blocks my way distracts me
The more I ran away the more you get closer and closer
The you shines as the sun goes down
Then I thought of you, memories made me drowned

I wanted you to be there, even just in my dreams
When I see you smile, Lights sparks up in the sky
Then I dare to say
You’re the sun that shines in my heart.

and I know this is and you are LOVE….

>.< DaisukeYuuki

Kaze (Wind)


In these four corners I could hardly see
What Lies ahead maybe
As for now there is nothing for me
Where I could find myself impassionedly

Yeah, this and that now I know
Planning and wanting to go through
Yet as of now I can’t yet move
Trapped in unableness I mourned

How long will it be?
Redirection of my fate badly want it to be
Yet I know to wait patiently the best route I could take
With facing and clasping palms now I’m able to be

Wanting to want something
I wanna have
Reaching out without a doubt
Toward a dream I wanna be found.

Just like the wind I cannot see
Yet I feel you being with me…


Yumi (Dream)

Isolation brings calmness
As my mind waivers
Now I can plainly see
The falling leaves are meant to be

As the rain falls through the muddy plain
My mind boggle to complain
Yet this was great and only way

The singing birds entertains this ever flowing thoughts
Stirring up this madness in me
Clasping reaching out
those blossoming trees my mind cannot fathom

Don’t stand in awe
Now I will go
As rivers flows
my heart will never let you go..




What passes by we cannot change,
My heart and My soul grieve
When I remembered a moment I cannot retain
Though things happened through pain

I know what happens happened
Time pass so swiftly I cannot hold
Your hands now I cannot feel
Your voice I cannot hear

Though I’ve lost and regret the things
Still the joy you bring
Will still remain
This vague picture in my head with your smile I could embrace

So many things happened after you have left
It’s been quite a long time now
But I wonder why this heart of mine still grieve
It’s Him who only knew

If I could I see you ever or never
But still this heart lingers and hoped
that even though, at least you’ve known
the Man that died unto the tree of life.

One day, One day, I never knew
It may be gladness or sorrow
I know tears will fall when I see you….
nearer or farther away….

As the waves tossed and fro
life seems hard to make it through
I wanna let you know
It’s quite different now…

When it’s Him who guides me through….

Hearts Desire

The peter pattering sounds overwhelmeds me,
Worlds dazzling lights blinded me
rest assured this life wouldn’t be

my nature I cannot deny
when I know who really am I
how can I see lights when It’s blinding my mind
who could deliver me so I could unwind

these breezing thoughts of confusions
Clouded my thought of truths
thats when you came
Reach out a hand to a lame

who then sees a light that gives sight!
Alas! My God and My Saviour!
Thou art great and deserved honour
for laying thine life for such a worm like I.

😉 Daisukeyuuki

oyasumi nasai minna!