Hi, I’m Daisuke Yuuki real name Marichelle. I’m a proud filipino. I got my screen name “Daisuke Yuuki” when I joined anivide.com, this is a site where all anime lovers gather. 3 years ago, I’m working night shift in an internet cafe in order to support my studies. I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology then but life been so rocky so still until now I haven’t finished it yet.

I’m a Christian, Bible Baptist. You might think what’s Christian? Christian are the believers of Christ. You cannot be called “Christian” if you don’t believe in “Jesus Christ”. I’m going to ask you “Do you know where are you going after this life on earth will end?” “Are you ready?” “Want to be sure?”

So Please..Kindly Read This…

So Okay 🙂 are you sure now where your soul be going? Be sure of Heaven. Don’t die without Jesus.

Okay let’s go back to the “anime thing..,, “while I’m watching the anime “Vampire Night” I’ve learned that “Yuki” means snow then “Yuuki” means “Courage” then Light Bulb. “Daisuke” means in Japanese it’s like saying “I really Love You” so the My name for me It means “I Love You Courage” because with out you I will never overcome fears. Fears are just always there It’s impossible to think we don’t have any fears. But Fears that have said it’s Prayer is “Courage”.
You may wonder why I like Japanese name or anime. I really don’t know but I really love Japan. I think it’s inside me even though I haven’t got there yet. So many places in the world but this place have it’s part on my heart. I know if God will not forbid I could really go there and it’s my prayer 🙂 will you pray for me? XD

Okay this is my first time doing blogging please bear with me. I hope I could share some useful insights and ideas with you. I’m really looking forward for this, May God Bless me with wisdom to know what to write on this Blog.

Ganbarre!!! Daisuke!! 🙂 yeah I will do my Best in order for this blog to work. Without God I can do nothing. Phil 4:13

I have my other blog too that talks about more on the Word of God, Christian Devotionals, Motivational and Inspirational Topics, Spirituality, Life concerns and Issues. I will greatly appreaciate if you could follow it too! 🙂 It’s http://whatbiblesaysdoctrine.wordpress.com


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  1. Hello Daisuke! We have lots in common: we’re both Pilipino or Filipino (whatever), have Japanese name, and the most important of all, we’re both Bible Baptist members. May I know what church you’re attending? Keep up the good work! I’m also sharing the word of God here: http://ourlivingbread.com. You’re not alone in sharing the Gospel. More power. God bless!

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