Absolutely Not by Anyone


Bad news comes piercing through
this throbbing heartbeat that’s out of my control.
The breathing of the undisturbed city…
Only the curiosity in my heart disturbs the quiet.

Embracing the dream that will absolutely not be manipulated
by anyone, I’ll strike at tomorrow.
Surpassing the flow of time,
I want to live, feeling the wind.

A world that is being filled up
Morals that can’t be harmonized
Each time that I stumble in the signal,
I make certain of my love for You, who’s smiling sadly.

Set me free. It’s still too soon
for me to reach the eternal sleep
With a look in my eyes the color of red heat,
even to the point I’m worn out, I will make my way through!

Description: 2nd op. theme

Title: Zettai ni Daremo (Absolutely Not by Anyone)
Sung by: Zyyg
Lyrcs: Takayama Masateru
Composition: Oda Tetsurou
Arrangement: Zyyg
Romanization/Translation: Takayama Miyuki & Serizawa Kamo


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