Can We Really Know?


Sometimes looking back with my life, and now see people lived differently, or shall I say have a different situation with me, most of the times I felt disappointed and it seems unfair to me, not realizing that I’m so blessed by God of what I have right now despite of what I am, a sinner. And then I asked myself, What if’s. What if it weren’t like that?, what if it weren’t like those had happened? Will I be what I am right now?

As I could remember I have a not so good childhood days, parent’s weren’t going well with each other then decide to live and take different paths separately because they couldn’t understand each other and just always fighting. I then have a second father, adopted us, treated us as one of his own children. But then, with just a blink of an eye, he got sicked with cancer then passed away. While he was alive I couldn’t feel that we don’t have a father because he really made us feel that we are one family. I stopped studying, then got a job which leads me to another job I have right now for 5 years. Mother then was depressed and lonely but still God was so good even though back then we don’t know Him yet.

But then after that, our youngest was then involved in a “religious group” which was before as I call it. Then invited us,me, then I attended because I was curious. Then she enrolled in Bible college and leave her management course. And maybe because of all the prayers, I was convicted and converted, I got saved! I received Jesus and I understood God’s simple way of Salvation, How to be sure of Heaven when you die, is to just accept and believe Jesus Christ gift that He died on the cross in my stead for the payment of my sins. He paid it all already and all I have to do is to just received it. Then Mother got saved, my other sister got saved, Father was the last one, and even though he is not attending church with us due to some family circumstances, I do hope that he already received Jesus when it was shared to him the Gospel.

“Can we really know whether to label life’s circumstances good or bad? Is it bad because your dreams weren’t fulfilled, or good because God directed it in ways you could have not predicted? Sometimes it’s hard to see how God is working, His mysteries don’t always reveal their secrets to us, and our journey is often directed by uncontrollable detours. Perhaps God is showing us a better route.

To make sure we benefit from what might seem bad, we must recognize and trust God’s “unfailing love”. In the end, we”ll be able to say “I will sing unto the Lord, because He hath dealt bountifully with me.” Psalms 13:6″ ~ from ODB Vol 19

The circumstances in our lives
seem random and unplanned
But someday we will surely see
The order of God’s hand. ~ Sper


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