Stronger than Anything


You’re so powerful
You could tear me, break me
heal me, console me
Even how deeply the pain digs me

All the emptiness that made this hole
You never cease to put me at ease
On my side I want you so badly
Still why can’t I hold you dearly

Everything I hold seems to slips away
But your presence lingers all the way
But I ask, If ever will I hold you, not with my hand,
but with my heart, will I ever lost you again?

You’re the reason why this heart beats
As the rivers flows to wide sea deeps
Here deep inside me your chasing endlessly
Get holds of me breathlessly

So many things blocks my way distracts me
The more I ran away the more you get closer and closer
The you shines as the sun goes down
Then I thought of you, memories made me drowned

I wanted you to be there, even just in my dreams
When I see you smile, Lights sparks up in the sky
Then I dare to say
You’re the sun that shines in my heart.

and I know this is and you are LOVE….

>.< DaisukeYuuki


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