Shinjiru (Believe)


These feeling I couldn’t explain
Yet I feel it deep within
I wanna move yet I can’t
I don’t know why can this be

Anxiety overtakes me,
With all of this and that in my mind
Yeah, calmness should get through me
And determination what I must not let go

With Him on my mind
I know there’s nothing I can do
One day that these steps will be found
On that land called to be of the rising sun

My heart trembles and chills
Whenever I could think and feel
One day I will be there
Yet’ now still I will be, gazing from here

Those pink blossoms will I feel
Falling down touching my mane
As I seat below in your ever reaching arms
That’ covers me from the burning light

These shivering hands I have
Will one day change this ever wandering heart
When a silhouette will be made
On a crowd of smiling face

I wish I could spin as though I am not moving
Perfect balance in any direction without leaning
Strong enough to repel anything that makes contact
While projecting stability, impassionedly.

>.< Daisuke


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