Shashiburi ne!


Shashiburi ne! If I say it right, It’s the way of saying How have you been doing lately, or It’s quite quite a long time since… I know almost everyone heard what had happened recently in my country, the super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, the strongest and the most ferocious had stricken my fellow Filipinos. It left my country with almost 4000 dead bodies, lying almost everywhere in the cities of Leyte, Samar and the city of Tacloban, and in the Municipalities of Cebu are Daanbantayan, Bantayan Island, Bogo, Borbon, and Ilo-ilo, Aklan, Capiz and many more in Central Philippines, almost 2K missing, and thousands were injured. I could remember a week before Haiyan/Yolanda arrived I’ve been checking all the PAGASA (weather authority in Philippines) news and information about this monstrous wind that coming in a signal #4 or 315 kph. It was indeed very very strong. I’ve expected the very worst that could happened. As I saw in the satellite photo, with its size, it would absolutely erase my country. Two days before the predicted arrival of the typhoon, I message my mother to prepare for the typhoon, she bought ropes to tie the tent of her street food stall and candles and a gas lamp, some can goods and biscuits and water. As the day draws closer, I’m getting nervous, our home is not sturdy enough and I think even a signal #2 would tear it apart. My heart was crying deep inside even though I don’t show it. It was announce that it would hit first somewhere in eastern part of Leyte and Samar. Then helplessness overtake me, there is nothing I can do, or we could do, I think to stop this or fight a wind as this strong, the news said it is stronger than the bomb drop in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. Then I remembered (2 Chronicles 7:14), God is just a prayer away. He could calm the storm with just saying “Peace Be Still…” Then as I could remember I uttered my prayer like this, “Oh Lord, I know thou are already angry with thy people, with us, with our wickedness and inconsistency. I know Lord, you want us to draw closer to you, and this might be your way. I may not understand it, But I know Lord you never make mistakes, you’re too wise to be mistaken. But still Lord I wanted to pray for you to stop this calamity coming Lord as what you did for Nineveh in the times of Jonah, But thy will not hearken unto this prayer of thine servant Lord, Please Lord when the calamity comes, spare us Oh Lord, everyone that feareth and believest in thine Name oh Lord, Keep us safe Lord, everyone in my family, friends, relatives and the people I knew Lord. In thy wrath Lord, please remember mercy. Cover us with thine ever loving and tender hands Lord. In Jesus name. Amen ”

As expected It came. It landed for 6 times in Central Visayas, Palao Leyte, Guian Samar, Daanbantayan, Bantayan, and somewhere in southern Luzon. During the day of the typhoon, there is no news, electricity was cut off the whole day, It was back the day after. During the storm we just heard that Yolanda is going out of the country already, my heart was very glad hearing it in the radio and all my family . love ones, relatives, friends were safe. I didn’t know thousands of my fellow Filipino had already passed away dreadfully. T_T my heart was teared apart as I saw on the TV on the day after the typhoon hit, on the web, photos of dead family’s lying cold below the garbage and the debris left. Survivors were left hungry for almost 5days, No food, water, clothes, shelter, relief operations were unorganized, politics and governments quarrels among the officials, blaming who’s who are to blame. Survivors had looted foods on the malls and grocery stores, they were desperate, and there were crimes, since prisoners were out. There were rape victims, because at night it was very very dark, no electricity since posts were destroyed. Everyone was guarding the little food they got, scared that it would be taken by others.

But still God was able to remember mercy, Even though thousands have died, also hundreds of thousands were spared. He is faithful with His promises. Even though sometimes, in despair and grief we cannot see it. Even though He is a God of Judgment, He is also a God of Love and Mercy.

Lamentations 3:22 “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.”

I am so overwhelmed that so many countries had offered a helping hand to my fellow Filipinos, too many to mention though, but specially Germany who was the 1st to offer help, USA sending US Navy troops and Aircraft carriers and their ever strategic way of response to the calamity, Japan, Israel , Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, Canada and many more. And those celebrities local and International and everyone. All I could say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, and to all that had prayed, “THANK YOU! Thank you so much.” You’re kindness is beyond measure. Despite of our many differences, race, nationality, tradition and beliefs, we can’t deny “WE ARE ONE.” We are indeed created with the ONLY ONE EVER EXISTING GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Forgive me, this post might be too long, I still want to say more, I might not be the one who experienced it, But still looking, reading, hearing all about the tragedy really put an ache here in my heart. I wanted to feel their pain, even just watching and listening to their story of grief’s, sorrow and victory on surviving the catastrophe. This is all I could do, other than donating a very little amount which I can at my very best I could afford. Thank you for all the heroic acts of the media men, who’ve done their best to cover the dangerous even the best way they could even endangering their own lives, Just for the sake of delivering and honest report about the current situation, I salute you all with your selfless act, Thank You, specially the international media men who really stayed at the ground were the typhoon worstly destroyed, extending help as much as they could. THANK YOU to all of you and to Mr. Anderson Cooper. Still again, Thank you for your donations, and specially your prayers people still need to cope to tragic event that change their lives especially to children. May God give peace and calm their hearts with the Hope He holds for everyone. God Bless to each and everyone.
His word will stand, His word will stand. Though stars should fall and mountains turn to sand.
Though no man believes Him, Still God will be true.
His promise is sure, His love will endure, and forever His Word will stand…


#TibayPilipino #prayforphilippines #BangonPilipinas

YolandaHaiyan Super Typhoon 7
YolandaHaiyan Super Typhoon 2


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