What passes by we cannot change,
My heart and My soul grieve
When I remembered a moment I cannot retain
Though things happened through pain

I know what happens happened
Time pass so swiftly I cannot hold
Your hands now I cannot feel
Your voice I cannot hear

Though I’ve lost and regret the things
Still the joy you bring
Will still remain
This vague picture in my head with your smile I could embrace

So many things happened after you have left
It’s been quite a long time now
But I wonder why this heart of mine still grieve
It’s Him who only knew

If I could I see you ever or never
But still this heart lingers and hoped
that even though, at least you’ve known
the Man that died unto the tree of life.

One day, One day, I never knew
It may be gladness or sorrow
I know tears will fall when I see you….
nearer or farther away….

As the waves tossed and fro
life seems hard to make it through
I wanna let you know
It’s quite different now…

When it’s Him who guides me through….


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