Sign by: Mr. Children

I wish this would reach you
You don’t realize it, but I’m playing right now
Like a flower that wilts as a sprout never having a chance to grow
Put these two notes together and they make one harmony

‘Thank you’, ‘sorry’ over and over again
We’re placing our need for others one atop another like blocks

When I thought about how dear the quiet hours were
I laughed a bit, that it was “love’s doing”
The gestures you showed me, signs directed at me
I won’t overlook a single one ever again
That’s what I’m thinking

Once in a while we soil each other with thoughtless words
And we both tire of the immaturity
But one day we’ll get naked, feel the sweet body heat,
And show each other some kindness

We’re similar but somehow different, but we smell the same
Not merely body nor soul, I love you

If even the smallest of lights glows in our hearts.
We swore to treasure it
The signs that come from all those things we come across
We won’t miss a single one ever again
Let’s live our lives this way

The light cast through the trees on the walking path
Hits you and sways
I learn both the beauty and cruelty of time

We still have time left
I laughed a bit, that ‘we must treasure it’
The gestures you show me, signs to make me strong
I won’t overlook a single one ever again
I’ll live my life this way
That’s what I’m thinking…

Credits from:

I really love listening to this song from a Japanese band Mr. Children, the voice, the melody and rhythm really captures the deepest part of heart when I’m listening to it. Actually the song was sung in Japanese Language and this was the translation in English. Very Beautiful Song of L♥ve. you might try to listen to it if your feeling in love and if not then you’ll feel in love while listening,,, 🙂

See yah… ^^


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