Touch by a Master’s Hand (‘♥’)



This is a short video I have watch a year ago. There is a craftsman, He makes violin, then after it is sold to store and A mother bought for his son who is not even interested in playing and doesn’t even care for the value of it. Then, there is an auction held after that, then the very very old violin, nobody cares, it didn’t even worth a dollar for the,, they think there dollar would be a waste to spend on it.

Then an old man came forward, hold the violin and played it. 🙂 My favorite part. An instrument is useless no matter how good it is, if it is put on the wrong hand.

The same with our life, God gave it to us, He made it, If we won’t trust our life in God’s hands it would be worthless.

Have Fun watching it.

>.< Daisukeyuuki


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