♥ God’s Word Changes Lives! ♥

♥ God's Word Changes Lives! ♥

Today’s been a busy day again. I think for each and everyone of us. We’ll for me, still working on the project and troubles came the Internet connection crashed (but now I fixed it.^^), then I just came home from the beach. Yeah, from the beach we’re the Baptism was held for the new believers w/c was I always mentioned on my previous post about the Saturdays of my Life, the Bible Studies Session. Amen! 🙂 and I’m glad for the work of my sister was fruitful.

A though from me, There are times we feel justified by our own opinion and sometimes it’s hard to see our own shortcomings when we compare ourselves one to another. One thing we should never forget, it’s only in God’s Word we can tell and judge ourselves on not unto another being. We are alike in God’s eyes, I am a sinner in His eyes who trusted in His Salvation, So only in Him I could find my worth.

>.< Daisukeyuuki

Have a blessed day Everyone. Keep Safe,,


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