When These Feelings Overtakes Me♥ :)

When These Feelings Overtakes Me♥ :)

I really love the black color not because I love Gothic fashion, Am yes, honestly before I love it, but now It’s a different thing though. right now, black for me is the safest color. There are times when I cannot think of what colors to wear, and what to do when those moments comes? choose my black clothes. 🙂 Black for me symbolizes strong determination, mystery and sophistication. Black color is my safe blanket. Don’t mistaken me because most of the people have ill opinions toward black color they relate it to witchcraft and sorcery…

Okey let’s go back to the storyline, as if I have a story line. I think I’m just grumbling here nonsense. 🙂 This is what I wore lats Sunday, since the choir director said that we can wear of any color on that day, the first thing came into my mind “I’ll wear black”, 🙂 because I’m almost out of what to wear, 😦 I haven’t done my laundry for almost a month because of these many activities up coming, one these is our upcoming Church Anniversary these September 1st. Help me pray that there will be many visitors that will hear the Gospel and the people we’ve / I’ve invited will come.

2013-08-18 12.47.04

2013-08-18 12.51.52

2013-08-18 12.48.44

2013-08-18 12.49.25

2013-08-18 12.50.35

Have a nice day everyone. 🙂


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