Blessed to Be a Blessing :)

Blessed to Be a Blessing :)

Last Tuesday, it was my mother’s 50th birthday I think..^_^ not sure because she always keep it a secret what is her real age, but i know it’s between 48-50 though.. This day was ended beautifully and joyfully though even though my mood tantrums attacks me but still by the grace of God He calmed my soul before anything happened. 🙂

We don’t have so much to celebrate it with everybody, but still some of the closest friends of my sister and with Mama too, was invited by my mama. Mama was so fond of them because they always treat mama specially. We just ate a meal on one of the fast food chains and after that we got a little desert, a cake on my favorite cake and pastries store, Leona’s.
Mama and My youngest sister. 🙂 She is the most affectionate.


That guy in checkered liked my sister for almost 3 years now but still my sister like someone too, But you know I salute him, until now he is still praying for my sister even though he had already accepted in his mind that my sister looked at him as a friend only. He is not afraid of always speaking his feelings unto my mama and unto us. 🙂 He is a man of courage. Almost all of the guys now are always in a hurry when courting they want an easy way to get a girl. I’m partly sad for him but still I know God will have someone prepared for him, someone that is exactly for him if it is not my sister.
My Pretty Mama.. 🙂 She may not be perfect but still she managed to raise us despite of the trials we’ve been through. Everytime I remember those very hard hard times I got teary eyed, how great God did delivered us and saved us. ^_^
I really really loved how they have designed their store. It’s very calming and it seems like a garden. 🙂 This was the reason that really makes me comeback other than their very delicious cakes.

Happiness is not determined through the possessions you have but with people around you and most of all, It’s with God.


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