In This Pilgrimage

Thank you for loving me Lord despite of my wretchedness. Even though I always fail you, you still remained faithful. Giving me each new day to continue breathing and living to experience your never ending love and grace. Jesus I could never ever repay you, please help to serve you, give this flesh strength to endure life’s obstacles and battle, every time I stumble please reach out my hand to stand up again. Make me stand on the Solid Rock of your salvation.

The devil may blow me away to make me fall but he could never pluck me out of thine hands anymore. My heart glorified whenever I remember thine words. This weary soul of mine find new strength. I’m like a tree withered but then you came and watered me everyday then I was revived. Patiently, I will wait for the day that I may see your face to face. Bow down before thine throne, I want to hear you say “Thou art my faith servant.” I will be filled with tears of joy. So I ask you this day please keep and guide me to make each and every step I take only done to do thy will. Amen.


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