Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Lately, as my birthday coming I am reviewing my life and I realized I’m getting older yet I haven’t knew what to do in the next 5 years of my life. I keep praying unto God to open my eyes and give me wisdom to know what He wants me to do with my life. Of course we must always consider what God’s plan is, because it’s the best life we could live in this world. Our Pastor always tells us that, and I could see it in his life too. I want to be like that too.

Just a few months ago I realized something and I want to go toward that goal. Finally! I have my goals and right now i want to focus my self working on toward that goal.

It is something I love doing and I want. When I tell my friends and my family about that they keep on laughing. 🙂 But it just makes me more eager to accomplish that goal. I know it won’t be easy but that’s what makes it sweeter.

If ever you are in the boat like me, you just realized what to do, then don’t ever let it go, hold on to it, no matter what criticism you may hear telling you “Your foolish, You can’t do it, you are just wasting your time.” ^_^ Just smile and shrug them off. Remember “FOCUS and Determination what makes successful people.” Never lose sight of your dreams. The road maybe rough but it will build you and make you stronger as you step forward. Never be afraid of Failure. Let’s just say that failure is to tell you, you can try it one more time. 🙂

Eagles, when they come across a strong storm while flying they never turned back, instead they go directly to that storm and use it as a stepping stone to soar up higher. They never lose sight of their prey no matter how far it is. They are so determined to catch it. Humanistic Views. Animal Instinct. Isn’t it great? God give us lot of encouragement through every being he created on this world.

May you have your dreams too and if you already found it then you know what to do as I said. 🙂 Ganbarre!!! (Do your Best! )

Here’s a song for you. 🙂


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