Unforgettable Moment

Unforgettable Moment
I was the first one on our circle of friends who knew that Julie(The Bride) will be getting married because she was asking me in helping on her wedding invitation. lol! On the day of her wedding day, as I saw her walking on the Aisle with her very beautiful dress, I just can’t help it, tears came out on my eyes. I was overwhelmed by the scene, It was a very dramatic moment for me looking at her. Finally, she got married and I wish her happiness. Here are some photos I took on that day that I want to share with you. 🙂


Group picture with Dianne, Mabil, Julie (The Bride), Me and Laidee. I miss them already. After college days we have few moments to be together. As we grow older there are already different commitments we need to take care individually. So as long as we have the chance to be together we make the most out of it. Right now, I’m looking forward for Mabil’s older sister wedding this August. Yata! ^_^ gotta prepare what to wear. haha

Acting as if we were trying to take the bouquet by force. lol! When in reality we haven’t join the girls in getting it.
The giveaways and the Invitation. Isn’t it pretty. The Bride(Julie) handcrafted it.
Having fun outside the Church after the wedding ceremony.
Trying to contact Laidee, She is soooo late because of her work though. She even tricked us that she will not go. Darn her! lol!
Darwin was with me even though he only annoys me when we were just going to the wedding.
So we will end here. As I walk the Aisle alone. T_T lol! The story is my partner in putting the Cord was absent. I don’t know where he is. Blame it on me. Originally Julie planned that Darwin will be my partner but I refused because he is not sure if he will be with me during the wedding. So he was replaced by the friend of the groom but then as you could see he hasn’t arrived. Then the funny thing is, the one that replaced Darwin was his classmate. We just learned after the wedding when I read the names on the invitation. haha. So funny! (At least for me.) So during the wedding, Darwin’s classmate that supposed to replaced him (was absent) was replaced by someone who is member of the choir but still (grrrrr! where is he! I ahte him for not walking with me.) Okay enough of the anger it will stressed me. haha. Past is past! Let’s forgive him maybe he can’t find to confidence to get near with me. nyahahah!. (oozing with wrong confidence! Stop me!@@,)

May you have a nice day! Thank you for taking the time to drop by on my blog.


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