Bohol, Phippines

Bohol, Phippines
These photos were taken back a year ago during our trip to Bohol, Philippines Leadership Outing 2013. daisukeyuukibohol
I am so glad that I’ve already seen a Tarsier in person.
Group picture with the leaders and other young people member in our church.
Me and my sister in the back of the “Blood Compact Monument”.
Somebody in our group stole this shot from us while me and Nica was posing for the other camera. Lol! it’s comes out pretty though and we like it.
Can you see the Raven in my back? It is so black. 🙂 haha! Am I for real? Raven’s are really Black.
What I wore on that day. Long maxi skirt to protect me from the scourging heat. I’m really sweating too much. But it’s okay than to make my skin darker. haha. My dilemma being a Filipino.
If ever you wanna visit Philippines I suggest never miss to visit Bohol landmarks. There are more. Chocolate Hills, Panglao Beaches that seems like your in Heaven, and Adventure Park in Danao, Virgin Island were Dolphin’s are living and more and more beautiful scenic places. May you have a great day. Thank you for dropping by.
-Daisuke Yuuki


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