He May not be Perfect

He May not be Perfect

As I browse some of my old photos I saw this one. This was taken, I think last year father’s day celebration. Me and my sister aren’t living with my father or my mother. We just live in our rented home both of us. My parents are not in good terms for now, but still I am not losing hope that time will come that they will be fine sooner in God’s time. Just keep praying though because I know God is listening. So you too if you have troubles that seems so impossible to solve in our strength. All we need to do is to get down into our knees hold your hand together and pray. He may not answer it so soon but still the important thing is He will really answer. I know that for sure. God’s timing is always been perfect. Never be dismayed if things doesn’t go your way. He may have better plans than yours.

My father is someone that is isn’t extraordinary. As I grew older there are things I realized and understand that I haven’t before. Life is something we need to learn living. My father have made wrong decisions and mistakes before that we suffer right now. But still he is my father. God have not mistaken to give me a father like him. God may have a reason behind all this things. Whatever it is I trust Him. 🙂

We must not blame our parents no matter what has been going on in our life. You may never have experienced to have your father and mother living together or getting along together but still respect them. Because even though they have experienced such hardships they still manage to let you grew up and experienced life. They have taken the risk to nourish you and raise you. We may see them at their worst but it’s fine. They are still humans like we are and we have our limitations. It’s not easy to be in their shoes. They have their issues too. We may feel anger and hate towards them sometimes but still learn to understand them because even though they’re decisions may seem selfish still they are thinking about us too. It’s just that they have their own needs too. 🙂 They suffered from heartaches too and maybe will understand them more if we have our own children to take care in the future. Their lives that they have lived will be a great example and lesson for us not to take the road that they have taken and be extra careful not to make the same mistakes as they did.

Have a Nice day! 🙂 Choose to be happy and be positive. Focus your eyes on the brighter side and you’ll be joyful. Do not let troubles stop you from doing better things.


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