A Magical Christmas

A Magical Christmas

Oh! what’s that? it is still June and Christmas is yet so far away. Okay, Okay, Let me explain, this was taken, I think a couple of years ago, when me, my sister and darwin gone to SM City Cebu Christmas Presentation.

I’ve been having so much fun during that time. So nostalgic. I pray this Christmas will be much more fun.

Here it is. It’s like a miniature Cebu City look a like. There are Cebu Land trademarks, Best Prestigious Schools, Monument and Stores. I even have seen my name there. haha! So I take picture with it even if that’s not really me though because you need to pay at least 10-15$ if you put your name in there and for me that’s to much. (I’m poor need not to waste money.)

There it is the owner of the Cebu Yacht Club, Ricky and my name “Marichelle” and kids. haha It’s not me because I don’t know who is Ricky and I don’t have Kids and I do not own Cebu Yacht Club.

May we have a Blessed, Joyful and Merry Christmas this year! 🙂


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