Yellow Orange

Yellow Orange

It’s been so long since I haven’t blog again. I’ve been very busy this week at work, rush orders, hectic deadlines but God helped me through so I met the deadlines without buzz. So glad This day was so relaxing, I know next week some of the orders will be approved and will proceed to production so I will be busy again. 🙂 I need to work! work! work! because I have my goal this year. I wanna buy a sewing machine of my own and start learning to sew. Please include me in your prayers guys. Thank you. So enough of it. Here are some outfit shots on what I wear last Sunday going to church. cough* Cough* ^^ My title isn’t that obvious though.haha



My Sister and her practiced pose. 🙂

Mama’s dress is best together with Leaves. Gonna borrow it. haha

auntie Tina, Auntie Milda with her son and daughter, My sister janjan, Auntie Tina’s Son, Mama and Gege my younger sister.

It’s been a bright day all in all. May you have also a bright day today everyone. 🙂 Do your Best.


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