Yellow is Yellow

Yellow is Yellow

At last I’m able to blog now. Clap! Clap! ^_^ lol. It’s just I’ve been busy these past few days but hooray for me… I’m able to blog now. This is what I wore last Sunday. It’s a color theme required for our Church Choir. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a good singer though. I just plainly sang in the church for God’s Glory. ehem! 🙂 I’m just a poor girl happened to love Fashion so much so bear with me…. Please….begging… just kidding lol! but really I just came from a poor family thanks God He saved me.

Okay enough of it. 🙂 Enough of my dramas.

2013-05-26 11.41.49

2013-05-26 11.40.52
Please bear with me if my best isn’t good enough. (pfft) ^_^

2013-05-26 12.37.40
Sorry for the weird background. 🙂

2013-05-26 12.33.39
2013-05-26 12.35.00
Having fun with leaves janjan and liezyl (our new friend and church family).

2013-05-26 12.34.22

Have a Nice Day!!!.. 🙂 mwahhugs! @@,)


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