Give me that Smile

This Day was full of smiles. Notice that big giant “Rosquillos” in our back? When I first saw it I thought to bring it at home for a month of meal. LOL! just kidding its just for display not real. 😦 It was so big and me who always want to capture everything into a photo, I get my phone and then we are already taking photos. haha. Silly me. Everybody are looking at us and we just laugh and act as if it’s our first time in Cebu. LOL!

You might wonder what is a “Rosquillos”, it’s a local delicacy here in Cebu, Exactly in Lilo-an. Rosquillos is a cookie curiously shaped as ringlets. The Spanish word “rosca” means ringlet. The ingredients for rosquillos include flour, egg, sugar, shortening and baking powder. But many people have felt that there must be a secret ingredient why rosquillos tastes so good. Not just that there is also a Rosquillos Festival that was being held every “Pasigarbo sa sugbo” (Pride of Cebu). So what are you waiting for come here at the Philippines already. LOL! Am i doing a tourism campaign now?..haha..

2013-02-17 13.24.06
I’m wearing here a floral Old style Dress | Yellow Cardigan | Silver Sandals | Orange Bag | Gray Ribbon Belt
You don’t need to wear anything that shout “smoken hot” to be called beautiful. It’s in how you dress appropriately and wear that confident smile in your face.

2013-02-17 13.22.01
Me and My Sweet Mama.

2013-02-17 13.24.31
My sister who always love to have her solo photos,. (pfft) hehehe… But that’s what I like in her. She loves fashion also unlike my younger sister who just want to be simple. But for me bein’ simple don’t have to be boring right?

2013-02-17 13.23.29

Give me that Smile
The Brightest Smile. 🙂 My Youngest Sister Geraldine owns it….
May you have a bright smile today!!!!! Ja matta ne minna-san!!! ^_^


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