A Rose for me?

This was taken yesterday after our Sunday Service and Special Mother’s Day Celebration. I Just wore a simple black dress and a white skirt. I force my sister again to take photo of me. After this we were asked weren’t you hungry? LOL! we’re so damned hungry already but what could we do SM City Cebu North wing looks so very picturesque and all we could do was to pose. 🙂

This Rose wasn’t really for me. I just borrowed it from my mother. 🙂 Our church gave it to all the mothers as a token for Mother’s Day.

Me and my sister in our Sunday’s Best. For us girls don’t have to show too much skin to look good. 🙂 because it’s not for sale. May you have Blessed Sunday everyone.

Black Dress | Pearl Necklace,earings,bracelet | Silver Shoes Silver, Pearl and Black ensembles perfectly a match for me. Ja Matta ne! (See you later!)


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